Why Turkey

Turkey has become the sixth most visited country in the world for medical tourism due to the quality of the doctors, the use of the most advanced medical equipment and the lower cost in comparison to the U.S. and to many European countries.
Turkey provides highly advanced and top quality medical service with its 44 JCI accredited hospitals and sterile clinics. Safety and quality are the most important concerns for medical travelers, and accreditation gives consumers confidence with respect to comparable quality of care they receive abroad.
Turkey’s JCI accredited medical facilities are affiliated with top tier US providers such as Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins Medicine, etc. They are equipped with the latest technology and hardware and US trained, Board certified, highly qualified and experienced doctors and well trained medical personnel. There are no waiting periods for treatment and typically there are around 40-50% difference in costs of health care services as compared to UK or US
Turkey’s world class medical institutions offer surgical procedures ranging from cosmetic procedures to treating serious health conditions. Most Turkish physicians and surgeons are trained in Europe or the United States and offer experience and knowledge in world class modern technologies and cutting edge medical techniques. Thus, it is attracting many patients from all over Europe, America, Asia and Middle East.
Turkey’s unique appeal is that it is a very special country due to its geographic location between Europe and Asia, but it is also one of the most desired tourist destinations on earth because of its hospitality, historical background, climate and metropolitan cities.